Thursday, June 4, 2015

500 Words. Day 12. The prompt

I'm going for it.

What would someone see if the looked through my windows for 24 hours?

First off-Seriously? You have nothing better to do with your day than to creep on my for 24 hours? I'm really that intriguing? Well, thank you. If I blushed, my cheeks may be a bit pink right now.

Second-this should be interesting. Anytime I'm walking or driving past a house that has illuminated windows with the curtains drawn back, I want to peer inside to see how they decorate. Based on that, I like to make up imaginary stories about who they are as people and what kind of lives they leave. What would someone think of me if they looked in my windows?

If you were to look into my house through the french doors on the porch, you may come face to face with Emmett has he peers outside to watch the cars go by. He may be trying to plan an escape, or he simply enjoys watching people walk past our house. You'll catch a glimpse of my yoga mats, blocks, and my bolster leaning against the fire place. Above, the mantle decorated with colorful glass bottles. Black wooden furniture from ikea and the most comfortable couch from Crate & Barrel furnish the living room. I don't spend much time in this room unless I'm watching a movie, or pushing all the furniture out of the way to practice yoga or dance wildly around the room. Yoga and dancing usually happen together.

Peering through into the living room through the side window, will bring you face to face with my 5 shelf bookcase. She is filled with books on subjects such as creativity, writing, art history, the law of attraction. It also holds my Twilight and Harry Potter books. You'll also see the other book shelf filled with all of our DVD's, games, pilot magazines, and random stuff we haven't put away yet.

If you can make it to our dining room window through the hydrangea bushes that are acting as cover for the air handler, you'll probably first notice the bouquet of dead flowers. I inadvertently dried the bouquet that my friends surprised me with at the surprise "Welcome home from Yoga Teacher Training" dinner party they held for me at my favorite Mexican restaurant. I can't bear with disposing of them, because they remind me of love with every dried, crispy petal. Do we ever sit in the dining room?  Sometimes we will play Cards against Humanity with our friends around our black Ikea dining room table, or sometimes it's a dinner date with my boyfriend. Mostly we just enter the dining room table to head to the beer fridge.

We spend most of our time in the kitchen, so step two feet to the right to catch a glipmse of how we move around time and space. Stopping to get water from the fridge, hopping up to sit on the counter to talk to friends, or standing in front of the stove while cooking dinner. Anytime we have guests over, the kitchen seems to be the place to hang out. My spot is either sitting on the counter or perched on the step stool that is kept under the sink. I'm always sitting on counters. I don't really know why that's my preference, but anytime I'm in a kitchen that is where I want to sit. It feels weird to stand next to the counter, when I can sit on it.

It may be a night where I'm trying a new recipe, so don't be alarmed to hear the vibration of some upbeat tunes or classical music being listened to loudly while I move around the kitchen like a whirlwind. It's quite possible I'm making a mess with the crazy amount of dishes I'm using, or the flour that somehow ends up everywhere, but the dish will probably be pleasing and tasty. I do promise that I will clean up my mess and put the dishes in the dishwasher, but AFTER dessert.

This is you seeing what could happen at any point looking through my windows, but a 24 hour period? That's deeply intimate, vulnerable, and I don't know if I want you to look in on me for that long.

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