Wednesday, June 3, 2015

500 Words. Day 11. NOT the prompt.

Via A softer world. Thank you for putting my feeling into webcomic form.

I’m still counting this entry as Day 11, and my 8th day in a row because I haven’t gone to bed. I have always believed that it is still the same day it was when i woke up because I haven’t decided to sleep yet. It doesn’t matter that it’s after midnight. It’s still Tuesday, because I say so.

I’m tired and not making any sense. Wondering what I’m going to write about today. I think about these things when I’m at work, and then I get distracted and side tracked. This means that I don’t write down any of the ideas that I have, and my critic usually has some pretty good ideas. Not tonight.

I’ve been thinking about the prompt that was tossed to us like a bone, and I’m wondering if I will write about it. What would someone see if they looked through my windows for 24 hours. It depends on which window. I think I will write about that tomorrow, when I can think straight and string decent sentences together.

This is yet another entry to just take up space. Is that what this experiment will come down to for me? Writing crap because I can’t decide what I want to write, and I’m still not giving myself enough time to write on the days that I work 8+ hours.

Well shit. If I’m going to waste everyones time with a shitty entry, then lets talk about my day. Setting my alarm for 7, and hitting the snooze button enough times to finally drag myself out of bed at 8:10. Don’t tell anyone, but I didn’t shower before work since I showered the night before. I’m weird about my shower habits. I wonder if I can write 500 words about that one day? I’m going to add that to my list of topics to write about. Right after the prompt, my thoughts on my yoga practice, cats, and nothing else.

Back to my day. I made sure I brushed my teeth, and put on a bit of make up to make it look lik I cared, and slipped on some crazy patterned pants. Plain bagel with strawberry cream cheese and chocolate milk for breakfast. Work from 9:30-6:30. Interacting with people in regards to their technology is always an adventure. Some days its good, some days its a crap shoot. Today was alright. Nothing memorable. Lunch was a chicken burrito that gave me heartburn. Oh yeah, that’s another topic to talk about. How I can’t ingest antacids and I’ve also never experienced heartburn until I turned 30. Indigestion has been my best friend pretty much my entire life, but heartburn? We are new friends.

After work, I took a few hours to rearrange my room so that I have more space to practice yoga if I ever get on my fucking mat again. I also moved my alter down by my bed, and then proceeded to work on my second canvas for my 30/30 art challenge. Let’s add that topic to my list also. I feel like I’m not an artist because I still use pictures as inspiration to base my paintings off of.

Topic list for future entries:
~THE prompt
~Yoga practice
~My new found frienship with heartburn
~Being a faux artist

Is there anything else I should add to the list?

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