Monday, June 1, 2015

500 Words. Day 10. Saying Yes.

I think I'll name her "affirmation"

June 1st. One. First. Beginning. Initial. Introduction. Open. 

I am always excited by the first day of the month, the first day that I begin a project or adventure. The first step on a path, the initial stroke of a paintbrush on canvas. There is a feeling of newness and possibility in every action. I love beginnings. They set the tone and atmosphere for the chapter you are experiencing. What I’m finding out about myself is that I love them so much because all beginnings start with a saying “Yes”.

You say yes when you start a new job, when you wake up in the morning, when you lace up your hiking boots before putting on your pack. You say yes when you sit down to write in the morning, when you open your eyes upon waking up, when you look at your schedule for the day. You say yes when you sit to meditate, when you step onto your yoga mat, when you lean down to pet an animal. So many subconscious and unrealized “yeses” throughout our day. So much possibility for love and openness. 

I'm finding that by saying yes to this experiment, I have been saying yes to my creativity.  I'm breaking myself open, and stretching beyond my comfort zone. This is now day 10, but my seventh day in a row of writing daily, and I see that I have opened up the space for more creativity in my daily life. I started painting more, getting drawn into the possibilities of abstracts. I am enjoying the process of sitting with my feelings and thoughts and seeing how I give them life on the canvas and on the page.

Saying yes every time I sit down with my computer and a blank document allows me to feel the expansiveness of my being. I’m mostly finding that I have no set direction on where I want to take my writing that day, but I allow the words to flow through me. Maybe one day in an process of growing, I will sit down to write based on a prompt or a specific idea I want to convey, but for today I am ok with the unknown direction of my writing. 

When I sit on my floor in front of a blank canvas, I am saying yes to my muse and my creative guides. I may look at a piece for inspiration, but I know that I can not replicate, I can only create my interpretation of a feeling, thought, or idea. I find that with my creative process, there can be more angst and frustration, but I already wrote about being aware of my limits. Maybe in knowing these limits, that is why I said “yes” to a 30 day painting challenge. Try to create 30 paintings in 30 days by painting everyday. Showing up to a canvas and allowing my art to move through me the same way I allow the words to move through me.

What else will I say yes to in my life?
**Saying yes because of Kale & Cigarettes

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