Saturday, May 30, 2015

500 Words. Day 8. Random thoughts and a wedding

Sitting around a fire pit after our friends wedding. I'm slightly inebriated and warm from the heat rolling off the enclosed fire. Weddings are so much fun. Also, tear inducing. I started writing earlier while we were traveling to the wedding. It's only an hour from our house, but getting on the turnpike makes it feel like an adventure. The groom is talking about micro brews and beer on tap. I've had one to many vodka-blackberry ginger ales. I'm warm. I feel comfy. Also happy that my friend is committing her life to her best friend. 

Let's talk about my view of marriage. I probably should not be typing this out right now. But I'm on my phone, hanging out with friends, wondering about the institution of marriage. Every time  I'm a guest at a wedding, I tear up when the bride walks down the aisle. She always looks so happy, hopeful, ready to explore life with her partner. 

But what about smores? As I was writing this, the sticks were introduced, square marshmallows brought out, more wood introduced to the fire. How do you heat your marshmallow? Right over the fire, until the marshmallow is burnt and bungled, charred, almost black? Or are you more of a turn it slowly in the coals on the side of the fire? Slowly build a golden brown crisp outside, while the inside is gooey, warm, and melted?  

I really believe that the way your roast a marshmallow tells a lot about your personality. I could get into it more in depth, but my brain is fuzzy, and I'm enjoying the heat from the fire. 

I'm a bit upset because I started writing something about driving in the rain while we were driving here, but I wasn't connected to wifi, or even my hotspot, and by the time we got to the hotel I needed to rush to get ready. 

So this is what happens. Disconnection, and random thoughts that can't be finished. My brain is sleepy, lulled by the flames, warmed by the silly banter about marshmallows. Wishing I could stay by the fire all night, knowing that the minutes tick by and this experience or connecting with strangers made friends will come to an end.

I don't know what else to write, and I think I may end up a hundred words short, but I  committed to writing something. It doesn't matter how bad or disjointed it may be. I'm hitting publish, letting you in to what my mind is focused on in this present moment. Maybe I'll dive deeper into my thoughts in marriage or smores making tomorrow, but it's only a slight possibility. The odds are not in your favor. 

It's time for me to sign off, but publish, enjoy the warmth, and then head to the hotel to fall asleep on a king bed with down feather pillows. 482 words. 

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