Friday, May 29, 2015

500 Words. Day 7. Waves over tornadoes.

The ocean of my dreams.

Before I heard the rain, I knew it was raining. I looked out my window, and noticed that the leaves on the tree in front of my house were dancing. In no particular order, leaves would take their turns bobbing up and down, jumping back and forth, swaying side to side. Slowly at first, gently picking the pace, as if they could feel the rhythm I could not hear. Now I could. The rain drops came fast and hard, landing on the roof, hitting the window frame with a metallic ping. I thought there was hail, but no. Just the ting ting ting of rain drops falling into my window. I love the sound the rain makes against roofs. Whether they are wooden, metal, or some other material that is keeping my head dry. The reverberation of the continued downfall sounds like music to my ears. It's comforting. If the symphony of thunder and lighting join in, even better.

My power just went out, but only for a moment. I heard speakers turn off, the hum of the A/C quit unexpectedly, some random whirring sound from something on the first floor that uses power to work signifying its powering down. When you notice the quiet stillness of a house with no power, set against a backdrop of gentle rain and random thunder,  it's a little unsettling. To me at least.

I have a fear of weather. Specifically tornadoes. I've never encountered one in my life, but the fear is there. Maybe it stems from my subconscious. A few years ago, I started realizing that I have recurring dreams about tornadoes whenever I feel like my life is about to become tumultuous. Being able to remember your dreams in vivid detail can be a blessing or a not so great habit, depending on the situation. In an introspective sense, when you are trying to make sense of life, it really can be used to ones advantage.

Anyways, back to tornadoes and dreams. These dreams. They started out as me viewing tornadoes from far away, as if I was witness to some catastrophic doomsday weather related movie. Standing on the apex of a mountain, overlooking a city or vast expanse of land, I would see three or four tornadoes touching down at various points. As my twenties progressed, the dreams did as well. The tornadoes would come closer and closer to me with each subsequent dream, until finally the last several involved me being in building as the tornadoes passed overheard or around me.

If you believe that your dreams have meaning, and you decided to look up tornadoes you find "emotional upheaval, destructive behavior, sudden change, blowing the cover off/revealing hidden aspects". Pretty hefty stuff right there.

I can relate. My twenties were definitely times of emotional upheaval, change, and shining light on the darker aspects of myself. All a part of the journey to connect with who I really am emotionally, spiritually, physically.

Maybe that is why, in the first year of my thirties, I find myself having dreams of ocean waves instead of tornadoes.

**Still going with this fun experiment with Kale & Cigarettes

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