Wednesday, January 9, 2013

One of these things... not like the other

Today's prompt for Projectlife365 was #in_a_drawer. I knew right away that I was either going to work with my art supplies of the knives in our kitchen. When I opened up the knife drawer, I was immediately drawn to the fork thing (I don't know the appropriate term for it!), and noticed that it was the only utensil that wasn't a knife. I immediately had a thought that it was such a fitting metaphor for where I am in my life. Trying to fit in, yet find my  own soul calling. This was actually discussed in my Somatic Psych class this morning. 

We each bring our own unique gifts into this world, yet we are always trying to fit in and not stand out. We are told that we are special and capable and that we will light the world on fire, yet as we continue to grow up we are told that we need to do this or do that. My teacher posed these questions to us: "why are you here? What is your purpose? Why are you alive?"

It is my job to answer these questions for myself, take what I find and go out into the world. Go forth and make my mark, add my sparkle.

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