Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Three cat Tuesday

This is just a simple, yet random post to make sure I keep this "posting thing" going. Everybody loves cats, right? So here are the three cats I interact with on a regular basis.

First up, you all know and love Arian. He makes a regular (well, as regular as you can get with sporadic posts)* appearance around these parts, and he wanted to say hey. Also, he didn't want to lose the mayorship title!**

Next we've got Mynx, or as I affectionately call her-Mynx-girl Scaredy pants. During the day she runs from pretty much anything, but when it comes to me going to bed she's a lovable attention addict. She secretly plots throughout the day the many ways she can keep me from going to sleep/waking me up with her need for snuggles!

Last, but not least there is the adorable gray neighborhood cat. I'm not sure if he or she has a name (heck, I don't even know if he or she is a he or a she!). We don't meet up often, but when we do it's as if we are long lost best friends. Total purr-central and enough body-rubs to last a week!

Hope you had a happy Tuesday, and if not I hope these three cuties help you out a bit!

P.S.-if there are any faithful (or semi-faithful) readers of my blog out there, I'm thinking about either changing the name of my blog, switching up content, or starting a brand new blog. I'll talk more about this idea later, just wanted to put a heads-up out there!

*-just a little bit of sarcasm attached
**-just a teensy reference to my Foursquare addiction

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  1. Time for me to get another cat.. The signs are everywhere