Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tarot Tuesday

I believe that the different steps and journeys you take in life are connected. My journey of connecting with myself and BIG are so deeply intertwined, and I keep catching glimpses as I turn my head. I don't believe that it is as simple as I ended an unfulfilling relationship with an employer and a week later signed up for an e-course that happens to be helping push me into my awareness. Partly it is, but NO, it is so much more than that. All these experiences that I have gone through this year have all been about one thing: embracing myself. But more on that later.

Tonight I took a big step towards being seen (which is a huge aspect of BIG). I went to my first class meet-up of Intro to Tarot: The Fool's Quest. This is the first time that I have taken an actual class, outside of an academic environment, pertaining to one of my interests. It was so refreshing to be in an intimate setting with other like-minded individuals who are all drawn to the same place because they are meant to connect.

This is going to be a 6-week exploration of the Tarot. The history, the cards, meanings, their archetypes, the symbology. It is also a personal adventure into trusting my intuition to speak to me, to guide me. I love that we close the classes with reading exchanges among students.

For the next 6 weeks I am going to do something fun here. Out of the cards that I learn about each week, I am going to let a card choose me. I will introduce the card, and share my feelings and interpretations about the card.

The Magician
Landing in the world of form, he is surrounded by the elements that make it

I am very intrigued that the Magician picked me for a second time this evening. This is the card that I pulled for our student exchanges this evening.

The Magician is the second stage of the Fool's Quest. This card means learning to master the elements, or learning to work with what is around you. It relates to the discovery and curiosity of new talents, or talents that you already have but are not aware of completely. The realization of potential is there, but full potential is being blocked. Choices must be made, actions taken to tap into your full potential. The magician represents a journey of awareness of consciousness.

He stands with one hand pointed towards the heavens and the other pointed towards the earth. The lemniscate above his head represents infinity. His serpent cincture (snake devouring his own tail) represents eternity. This could also represent karmic message what goes around, comes around. The magician embodies the lessons of "As above, so below" and "As within, so without".

In my own experiences I feel that The Magician is telling me that I am taking the right steps in my journey. I am learning about myself and I am growing into my awareness. He is also reminding me to be open to the lessons that are being presented. Not to rush into these situations or experiences, but to take it slow, and soak up all the knowledge and wisdom that I can. To trust that my intuition will take care of me, that she will continue to guide me on the correct path.

The Magician asks you: Where are you focusing your energy?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Sunday Make Up

Here is my first step into the big unknown. These are some, but not all, of the exercises that i have worked on this past week for BIG. I am learning to let go of my control and enjoy the flow of the process. I am also learning to be seen, to witness. I am starting on the journey towards believing in myself once again.

Mish Mosh

Today is a freakin' great AWESOME day! Why you ask? Be warned, this post is going to run wild with exclamation points :)

I WON, I WON, I WON!!! I totally just found out that I won this beautiful, juicy art journal from Robyn's Art on Etsy in Connie's September Sweetness giveaway! OHZ MY GOODNESS!! I am jumping for joy!! I love everything about her-the color, the tree, her clasp, EVERYTHING!! She is rightly named 'Grow', which is totally appropriate for the transition in awareness and perception that i am experiencing right now!

Connie is the beautiful spirit caretaker of Dirty Footprints Studio, and she is also my lovely tribe leader over at BIG. It is safe to say that I freakin' love her to pieces! She is amazing, go check her out! ♥ ♥ ♥

I also realized today that I have 2, count 'em...2 followers here!! That is awesomely awesome!! I love you ladies so, so, so much! Thanks for rockin out on the love vibe here!

There is some lovely updates to this love filled space. I added a list of all the lovely ladies that I follow throughout the internets, most of them are the fiercely, amazing, creative souls that I call my tribe! Check them out, and show them some love!

I realized today that I have missed the past two weeks of Sunday photos. My bad!! I've been so wrapped up in creative juicy exploration over at BIG, soaking in the adventures that await me during the week, that i have neglected my Sundays. Well, no more! I am going to post here a little bit later some of the paintings that I worked on last week to catch up!

Oooh, I almost forgot! Starting this week, there will be some more weekly posts added here. It's a secret though, you'll just have to wait!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Extreme Night Owl

Arian laying in bed with me today. This is his "why must you constantly take pictures of me?" look.

I am going to be either 1.) super cranky or 2.) super tired tomorrow/today. It is 5:44 AM here and I still have not gone to bed. This is the result of my body rebelling against the heat wave today and being sluggish and tired. I did not get out of bed all day. I read, snuggled with Arian, slept. I was trying to restore my energy because I felt so disconnected and weighed down. Now because of my "bed day" I have been up all night with energy, and I am just now starting to feel the calls of sleep.

Oh, help them all tomorrow. Everyone I come in contact with. Tomorrow/today will be a test of my will and strength. Starting tomorrow, I am determined to get my normal sleep schedule back.