Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 10

these are pictures from april (may?) when we visited mark's sister at children's hospital. i didn't take any new pictures today (there are no rules!) because i've been miserable all day long. first, there is the sty in my eye that makes it superbly uncomfortable to blink. when i'm at home, i've been laying around putting warm compresses on it (that's a lot of fun!). then there is this awful heat. i try to accept it and work through my resistance to it, but my body does not like it. i get tired and cranky, i feel extremely uncomfortable in my skin. maybe this is my body and spirits way of tuning me into the idea that i need to move to a much cooler climate. a place that isn't stifling hot during the summer. i would love a cool breeze from a mountain or a lake, even the ocean. someplace green and calm and peaceful.

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