Friday, August 20, 2010


The resistance phase. That is where I am sitting currently with the August break. Similar to my journey through Bikram, it happens around the half-way point of the first 30 days. Where the excitement starts to wear thin, and is replaced by a slight weighed down feeling of "demands" and "must do's". But it shall not be like that, this time. There are no rules to follow here, just the feeling of being present and enough. I came into the August break with the intention of trying to post everyday with the desired result being more present on my blog, more active. I knew coming in that I would hit this "rough patch", but without the "rules" it has been easier. By being fully present and aware of my resistance, in sitting with it and nurturing it, by allowing it to ebb and flow naturally, I AM being true to myself and growing within my spirit. I am being more active not only here in this space, but in my life as well.

Over the past few days I have slowly come to an idea about this transition that i am currently in. I feel that this time period is going to be one of personal growth and realization. An adventure into uncharted spiritual territory. I'm slowly opening myself up to my intuition and spirit. I'm getting called into a new direction, one that i've briefly glimpsed before but never really explored. I've even started to see it in my painting and journaling. The colors and images I have been using are all symbolic of where I am in my journey.

The pictures above are of a place where I go that is a place of understanding, acceptance and guidance. A part of my journey that has been missing for about a year now. I spent some time there last night, and it was affirming, as if I had never left.

Let's close this out with a flower!

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