Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Photos~clouds

~to be present is to notice, to notice is to appreciate.~

I wanted to post this on Friday, and it is now Sunday. In an effort to be more present in this my space and behind my camera lense more often, I am going to post weekly photos. Each week they will take on a different theme, idea or feeling. I will limit this to five photos, because I know myself-I can never post just one!

i love this photo. we were driving to frick park and i stuck my camera out the window and snapped this lovely.

the ukranian church outside the dance studio.

brush strokes against a blue canvas

urban landscapse shrouded in shades of gray

sometimes you see things through a camera lense you won't see with your own eyes

the fun part about this adventure will be choosing my subject for the following week. To reveal or not reveal on sunday...that is the question!