Monday, March 15, 2010

Bikram Yoga Days 4, 5 and 6

I didn't fully realize when I decided to write here in my blog about my experience with my yoga classes, that having a working internet connection would be so crucial. That time would be an important factor as well. I also recognized that I need to give myself permission more often to write, and to create.

Day 4 was a turning point. I wrote that I needed to accept the heat and sweat for what it was. To let go and focus. I did exactly that. I allowed myself to be present in the room, and to recognize and appreciate each pose. This was the first class where I was able to begin focusing on myself and not what was going on in the room around me. I did look to others for quick visual reminders of how to do a certain handhold, or to even pick up a pointer on how to enter a pose. Other then that, I tried my best to allow everything else to fade away so that it was just myself doing each pose and the instructors voice gently guiding me along. I employed a little trick as well, to help me continue to let go of the heat and sweat. After savasana and for the remainder of the second half of class I "compromised" with my mind that I was only allowed to drink my water after each pose. I started looking at it as a kind of reward for doing each pose instead of looking at my water as a way of cooling down or calming down.

Class on day 5 went by super fast. It felt as if it was over before it even really began. This was how I knew that I had finally started to fully accept the heat.

Yesterday I woke up with a headache. It wasn't severe, just a mild annoyance. After I ate in the morning it seemed to diminish slightly, but it was ever present while getting ready. I recall standing outside of the room putting my fingers under my eyes and applying light pressure to my sinuses. This seemed to help alleviate the pain to a slight degree. Lora and another student were in agreement that if it was my sinuses that it should be completely gone by the end of class and that my sinuses would be open and I would breathe much easier (which is true! I have found that during class, I can breathe easier through my nose then I have ever been able to. My sinuses usually bother me throughout the day and at especially at night, and I've been noticing some improvement!)

I really didn't think too much of my headache as class started and got under way. It wasn't until the second-half of class that it started to really come back into my focus. For every posture, it was the same sequence: do sit up to get out of savasana. There is a slight pain in my head from sitting up so fast. Do the pose. Feel the pounding in my head as if I can feel the blood rushing through my veins like a full-force running bull. Rest in savasana. Breath. Aching and pulsing slowly subsides. Sit up. There is the pain again, with dizziness making an appearance. Do pose again. Repeat sequence.

After class, Lora mentioned I may be dehydrated. She has seen this before with new people getting accustomed to Bikram. Her advice was to replenish my electrolytes and drink more water then I felt was necessary so that I could replace what I sweat out during class.

I got home and I drank water. Then I drank some more. My headache got worse. My french lover suggested bananas for their potassium and Vitamin Water or Powerade for the sugars and sodium. He also proposed that I may have a vitamin b deficiency. As the night progressed and I finally ate fruit and drank electrolyte infused drinks, my headache slowly went away and I was able to enjoy our time together.

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