Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bikram Yoga Day 2 and 3

A rather quick recap, if you will :)

Day 2 was more intense then the first, as I found myself fully doing the poses in the sequence. Not surprisingly, it was just as hot as the first day. I forgot to put my water bottle in the freezer earlier in the day, so by the end of class my water was lukewarm. Yuck! I did manage to sweat a little more then the first day, and I was sore walking out of class. Both of those are good, right?

Today was day 3. Rough, is the only word I can use to describe it. Unbearable is another word that just came to mind. It was so hot in that room, I thought I was going to die. Everything was going along alright until we reached savasana. Those two minutes of stillness were the apex of the class. It was all downhill from there. In those two minutes you are supposed to lay there. You are not supposed to think or fidget. You are not supposed to listen to the mexican music that the street vendor is playing underneath the window that is only cracked about two inches for those two precious minutes. Absolute stillness is what you are trying to achieve. Focusing on your breath, always your breath. Deep, slow breaths in. Deep, slow breaths out. How can I do that when all I am thinking of is the sweat rolling down my back, or the fact that the room is hotter today then it was yesterday?

"Did they crank the heat up? It's hotter in here then it was yesterday. Even though they said it was the same temp, they had to have cranked it up. This is some sort of cruel joke they like to play." I definitely had those thoughts during my moment of "stillness".

I wanted to give up around camel pose. I didn't want to "lift up on my heels" anymore. I didn't want my only option of rest to be savasana in a sauna. I wanted coolness, fresh air. I was trying to think of ways to get out.

I seriously thought I was going to pass out. That is entirely my own fault though. It was my own fault for not drinking enough water before I went. It was my own fault that all I had for breakfast before hand was a pseudo fruit smoothie. I knew what I was going to be doing for the first part of my day. It was a decision I made to not be properly prepared. A very, very poor decision.

On a good note though (there is always a good note!), I got complimented for my form a few times throughout class. I was also able to do tree stand pose completely (technically it was on the last set of the next pose in the series, but who was paying attention?)! Plus, my shower after class was GLORIOUS. I have never taken a cool shower that felt like heaven before, until now.

I am still sore, though everyday it's a little different. Today it's my neck. Yesterday it was my thighs. I have no idea what tomorrow's muscle of choice will be.

I do know that I am hesitant to go to my class tomorrow. I also know that if I don't go, I will be very upset with myself. Already I am seeing some benefits outside of the class, so I don't want to give up just yet. I set the goal for myself to get through these 10 classes, and I plan on doing all 10 of them. I just need to let go and accept the heat. It is always going to be hot. I'm always going to sweat. I need to find the space where I am ok with that. Hopefully I find it for a few precious moments during tomorrow's class.

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