Wednesday, September 9, 2009

a wish*

{a lovely bouquet of flowers, 2007}

jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall
~ray bradbury

i felt that today would be a good starting point for all of this. or should i say re-starting point? a time to pick up where i have always left off in the past. i can make no promises, other than this one~i will try my best, but this time i will put my everything into this. my heart, soul, laughter, tears, smiles. everything. that is all that i can give, but i can give my all.

today. 09-09-09. the day to make wishes and release them to the universe. well, what are my wishes? a wish to be happy. a wish to paint my living room a light green with white trim. a wish that when i get my car back, that it runs better then before. a wish to see the sunrise on the pacific ocean. a wish to love myself completely. a wish to be content with my life. a wish to have giant, inviting floor cushions for my living room.a wish of acceptance. a wish of love. a wish to travel. a wish to find myself. a wish to be healthier. a wish to be at peace. a wish for banana popsicles. a wish to find myself. a wish for chai tea with vanilla. a wish to live on a quite, shaded, tree-lined street, in the city. a wish to visit seattle. a wish for closure. a wish for happiness. a wish for my mother. and a wish for my brother. and a wish for the rest of my family that i do not speak to, and this includes my father.

for here~i wish for this to be a safe-haven for me. a place where i can freely express myself. without fear. where i can come and laugh, and cry, and relish in my joy, happiness, sadness, and every other delicious feeling. a place for me to explore my creative side. a place to grow. a place where i can document the journey i take along my path in life. this will be the place that i come to to help reconnect with my inner-goddess, whom i have been neglecting for too long. this is the place where i finally